CPrint's top 5 must-reads for 2017!


Our top five must read articles, infographics and ‘how-to’ guides from around the web

Here in the Studio at CPrint we love nothing more than grabbing a cup of tea (and a biscuit or 2) and flicking through interesting design, tech and digital reads on the internet.

We see it as chance not only to look for inspiration, but also to keep up with the latest trends and must haves from around the world. It keeps our creative brains whirring along so we can deliver fresh, up-to-date and informed design solutions for our clients.


1. What’s a Graphic Designer?

A great infographic by the guys at ‘Web Designer Depot’ - if you are a Graphic Designer it serves as a fascinating insight on how you stack up against other Designers in your industry. However for anyone else it is a great example of how infographics are such a useful and aesthetically appealing way to present data.

Click to view the infographic


2. A tribute to the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year ’Greenery’


A truly inspiring mix of art, design, gardening and architecture - this article by DesignTaxi gives you a look inside an AirBnB & Pantone collaboration in London’s, Clerkenwell.

Think the CPrint team may be booking a night or 2 there!

Click to read the article


3. Ever wondered what your Graphic Designer is on about?

Designers get incredibly excited by typography. Here at CPrint we are no exception. Great typography can make or break a design but have you ever wondered what all the technical terms are called for the little ’squiggles’ :) you see on a typeface or the space that sits between letters?

Here is a great little tool to brush up on your Typography terms:

Click to spruce up your Typography knowledge


4. A colourful board to put your brand in the right mood

When developing a brand strategy and identity for our clients we often create mood boards. It is a great tool for both the Designer and client to visualise the overall look and feel that the brand will take.

For smaller logo design projects we sometimes we get clients who want to create their own so that they can use it to ‘brief’ the Designer at the beginning of the project. We found this great ‘how to’ guide on Design Sponge showing a simple but effective way to create a mood board for your branding, website or even exhibition project.

Click to read the 'how to' guide


5. 2017 - A year of green, nostalgia, conscience & transparency

roots and bulbs

As we tentatively step into 2017, not knowing what the world might throw at us next, we can take a moment to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. 2017 is a year for being aware of everything important - the environment, friends and family, our health and each other - and this is all being reflected through trends in design, photography and branding.

This lovely article from Digital Arts Online gives us a sneak peek into what we can look forward to seeing this year.

Click to read & reflect

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